“Surf and Sand” Oil Painting Workshop

Two days of painting the action of the sea and coastline and its moods with local tutor Tony Bramwell.

“Surf and Sand” is a two day workshop.

About this event

Cost is $195 for Anglesea Art House members and $245 for non-members plus booking fee.

Date shall be updated and advised when confirmed.

Recommended Materials 

Your choice of oil paints i.e. the ones you usually use

Brushes , the same. Include some synthetic brushes from Spotlight. These range from about 15 mm to 40 mm wide ( blue handle)

Canvas boards. 500 x 400. Bring three or four. They don’t need to be undercoated in gesso. The surface is already prepared enough to paint on straight away.

Odourless solvent for brush cleaning.

Linseed oil with extra dryers. Available at Bunnings.

Clean rags.

Paper towels

Palette. Can be paper ( the tear off type) Glass, plywood, ceramic tile. 

Whatever you normally use

Palette knives ( selection)

Sketchbook and 4B pencils

Suitable clothing ( we splash the paint about a bit!)

If there are questions, contact Tony on 0403 428 129