Membership entitles you to

  • Individual use of Anglesea Art House studio space and facilities
  • Capacity to join our classes
  • Discounts on all workshops
  • Use of the space for a group event
  • Eligibility to sell art and craft works on consignment in the Art House Gallery
  • Eligibility to display work at our Annual Art Show (must be a financial member prior to 1st April)
  • Receive a regular newsletter and keep up to date with our activities and workshops

  • Membership fees are due July 1st each year
  • Annual membership fee is $60 (from 1st April 2021)
  • A Membership Form needs to be filled in each year along with paying the annual Membership fee

Everyone is welcome to apply to become a member.

To apply for Membership please fill in the online “Membership Form” below and submit it.

Once completed successfully a message will appear on the screen advising you it has been submitted.

Please make the payment of $50 as per how you have indicated on your Membership Form.

Please familiarise yourself with the Member’s Handbook. (The links are below the Membership Form.)

An email regarding your Membership shall be sent to you confirming your application status.

A suitable date for an introduction and induction for new members will be set.

If you have a Membership query please contact us.


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  2. Part 2


Please share your interests with us. This assists us with our programming.

Forms and Information Relating to Membership