Membership entitles you to

  • Capacity to join our classes
  • Discounts on all workshops
  • Use of the space for a group event
  • Eligibility to sell art and craft works on consignment in the Art House Gallery
  • Eligibility to display work at our Annual Art Show (must be a financial member prior to 1st April)
  • Receive a regular newsletter and keep up to date with our activities and workshops
  • Eligibility to join art groups. Self guided art projects in social setting.

  • Membership fees are due July 1st each year
  • Annual membership fee is $60 (from 1st April 2021)
  • A Membership Form needs to be filled in each year along with paying the annual Membership fee

Everyone is welcome to apply to become a member. To apply for Membership please fill in the online “Membership Form” below and submit it. Please ring Jennifer for assistance if required.

Once completed successfully a message will appear on the screen advising you it has been submitted. Please make the payment of $60 as per how you have indicated on your Membership Form.

A suitable date for an introduction and induction for new members will be set.


  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2


Please share your interests with us. This assists us with our programming.

Forms and Information Relating to Membership