A new online booking system has been implemented for 2021.

All activities are to be booked for 2021 due to our Covid-19 related safety plan.

A minimum number of places need to be filled for the activity to go ahead.

All members will be given plenty of notice of events, activities and the commencement of the corresponding booking period/s.

Assistance by our President is happily offered to anyone who would like support with this process or with requirements for further information,

Bookings can be made directly on the corresponding activity page.


Once your have successfully made your booking you will receive a confirmation message on the screen advising you have registered followed immediately by an email announcing “you have a ticket”. 

If this has not occurred your booking did not register. In which case please start the process of filling out the information again.

  • Be sure to fill out every field that has an * as this indicates it is essential information. (If these are not filled out the program will not be able to process the order.)
  • Be sure to include your postcode.
  • Your postcode needs to be the one that you registered your credit card to.
  • If the form “auto fills” your details, delete that information, and type it in fresh.
  • You can also re-fresh the webpage/open a new one. 
  • You may need to scroll in an area to see further information. To do this use your mouse or two fingers on your track pad / screen.
  • To register for an activity you will be required to fill out your name, address, phone number email, and payment method (where payment is required).
  • Thank you


Term 1

Please note that all bookings are to be made online for 2021.

If you have any difficulties at all, please contact our President, Jennifer, who will happily process your booking on your behalf on this page.


Term 1

There are no workshops for Term 1.


A summary of all our events, classes and workshops that can be booked can also be found in more detail at :