Celebration time – the Anglesea Art House is reopening

We look forward to seeing you at the Art House as we can now get back to our creative projects.

Thank you to all of you who stayed connected with each other during this challenging time.

Sharing and caring is a big part of the Art House ethos that started 35 x years ago.


Hip Hip Hooray.
Classes will go forward with the same timetable as before we closed and we will do make-up classes for those who have already paid.  This applies mainly in the Pottery Studio and your Tutor will be in touch where applicable.

All attendees of Classes need to be current Members. (Please see refer to our Membership Page to join and re-new your Membership.) Unfortunately we won’t be offering Workshops in Term 3.

Our official attendance numbers are a total of 20 x at the Art House at any one time.

Also please note the attendance per space within the Art House:

11 x in the Gallery
7 x in the Studio 
2 x in the Office 

NB: Please make sure that you are feeling well if you are going to attend a class.

There are a lot of rules around us operating. Please familiarise yourself with the Duty Sheet so you will have a better understanding of all that is required on a daily basis to stay open.

Going forward we are asking for your support in using your Debit or Credit Card for payments.

During this time it is far more hygienic to be tapping your card and it makes for a more efficient process for those who volunteer their time to handle the office work.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Art House.