January Wrap

It was fabulous.

We were open 20 days with the help of 65 volunteers.

The sub committee organised the supplies and kept them stocked throughout.
Team leaders had the roster under control and our emergency contingency stepped in when necessary.

It was so rewarding hearing the stories of children ( now teenagers ) who have been coming every year for up to 8 years. Each year adding to their collection of Anglesea memories with a mosaic, painting on canvas or ceramic painting on a plate.

We also had a lot of new visitors who said they will be returning next year.
Our new flags on the main road attracted a lot of attention and sent visitors our way.

Offering new activities is always fun – this year we had VIC ROCKS (paint and hide a rock) and this was very interactive, check out their Facebook page. Also book making, bamboo dream catchers and glass mosaic candle holders.

It is wonderful to see happy, smiling faces of the children and their parents as they get creative together.

Who would have thought that 35 years down the track that this would still be such an event- art is necessary for our wellbeing and we will continue to share it with future generations.

A thank you evening for all our volunteers will be held at the Art House on
Feb 21st 5-8pm. We hope that you have received your invitation.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the fun and success.

Jennifer O’Sullivan